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The Educator Support Network provides resources about covering violence and teaching about trauma for journalism teachers and media advisers. It is a project of the Dart Professorship of Journalism & Trauma in the Communication Department of the University of Washington. Prof. Roger Simpson currently holds the professorship, which was endowed by the Dart Foundation of Mason, MI.

Covering Violence: A Guide to Ethical Reporting about Victims and TraumaBOOK
Covering Violence
A Guide to Ethical Reporting about Victims & Trauma

The book presents innovative ways of interviewing and photographing survivors of violence and helps journalists understand the effects of frequent exposure to traumatic events on their own lives. The authors relate journalistic practices to the rapidly expanding body of literature on trauma, and draw on the insights of clinical experts.

The book includes special profiles of nine journalists and examples of their reporting or photography. The profiles, written by Migael Scherer, a Seattle educator, and John Harris, a journalism professor at Western Washington University, include Sonia Nazario, a Pulitzer-winning reporter for the Los Angeles Times; Fletcher Johnson, photographer for ABC News; Jane Hansen, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter specializing in children’s issues; Marley Shebala, reporter for the Navajo Times; Anh Do, a journalist with the Orange County Register; Sharon Schmickle, who reported from Iraq for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune; New York Daily News photographer David Handschuh; Debra McKinney, a social-concerns reporter for the Anchorage Daily News, and Scott North, a courts reporter for The Herald in Everett, Washington.

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Covering Violence & Teaching Emotional Injury
Dart Center Workshop for Journalism Educators
How do you interview a victim in shock? Do you even attempt to do so? What impact will the story have on the journalist?

Are Your Students Prepared for the Reality of the World They Will Cover? Journalists regularly cover violent events whose victims often suffer psychological trauma. Journalists themselves are vulnerable to trauma, and a wide range of stress reactions. This seminar draws on the latest scientific knowledge about trauma and the best practices in the news craft in Europe, Australia and the U.S. on training and supporting journalists who cover violence. The presenters believe that journalism teachers can have exceptional influence in helping students understand the nature of trauma, respond ethically to its effects in others, and take care of themselves in ways that enhance their effectiveness over time and in difficult assignments.

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